Wednesday, March 30, 2011

deja vu

Every Wednesday I teach ballet in a small northern community.  I take my boys to their Safta's (Grandma) house and look forward to the hour drive ahead. It's rare to sit for so long by myself! It's a hazard truly! I arrive to the community center, turn on my music and practice while I wait for the girls. The girls are wild and amazing bundles of energy with endless things to say. This Wednesday was no different except that it wasn't Wednesday at all .... it was TUESDAY! What!

It never occurred to me ALL day that it was wrong, nor did anyone else - although my mother-in-law did question if I needed her to babysit again tomorrow which I thought that was a little strange! I remember someone told me once that during army training their watch was taken away and it took days to confuse the mind. Well, it took me 12 hours with a watch and a phone to confuse my mind! Not a proud moment. Oh goodness ... an off day in the life of a mother.

Today it was really Wednesday and I had deja vu all day.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Israeli Markets | Best of Tel Aiv

I found some goodies in Tel Aiv. All the 'bests' of Tel Aviv from Schnitzel to Gourmet Markets.
Best Bakery: Forget Paris! Tel Aviv is home to some of the best bakeries in the world, and the wafting smell of freshly baked treats will follow you wherever you go. Lehamim stands apart for their consistent quality and wide variety. From savory to sweet, you can’t go wrong. Their braided chocolate loaf is addictive, the pound cake perfectly moist, and the olive-Parmesan twist is salty and satisfying. In addition to their original location, Lehamim also recently opened a space in the new Shuk HaNamal, Port Market. 99 Hahashmonaim Street, Tel Aviv, (03-5618111) Read more about Lehamim in the New York Times
Best Shakshuka: Luckily for Israelis, most corner shawarma stands and cafes turn out decent shakshuka, the beloved dish of eggs poached in tomato sauce. But if you want shakshuka at its best, make a bee-line for Dr. Shakshuka and don’t stop until you are savoring one of their classic, eggplant, or spinach shakshukas. If you’re not in the mood for eggs they do have a variety of other Libyan and Moroccan specialties including couscous and fish dishes. Afterwards, walk off your meal in the funky Jaffa Flea Market. 3 Beit Eshel, Jaffa, Tel Aviv (03 682-2842)
Read them all posted by The Jew and the Carrot 

Israeli Markets | Shuk HaNamel, Tel Aviv Port

Shuk HaNamel is a hot-spot for both locals and tourists. Situated on the beautiful new port of Tel Aviv, Shuk Hanamal, is Israel's first covered market. The food market has the best  local ingredients and imports from around the world. The venues include organic fruits & veggies, a butcher, a fishmonger, a Kosher charcuterie, a specialty wine shop, Italian coffee, ice cream, freshly squeezed fruit juices, an American style deli (which serves wicked meat sandwiches), a cheese shop, a bakery, fresh hand made pasta,canned goods from Italy & Spain, a variety of olives, local olive oils, honey, Halva and Tahini. In addition to the food market, the port is a shopping paradise with a wide selection of brand name stores, local designers, a fitness club, children's play center, bars, restaurants, coffee shops and fine dining. During the day, the walk-way is host to street performers, a sand-pit and park for children, and public beaches.  The port of Tel Aviv is open Monday to Thursday from 7:30am - 8pm, Friday from 7am - 5pm and Saturday from 8am - 7pm.

 [outdoor walk-way]

Monday, March 28, 2011

Israeli Markets | Eden Teva

It's a special occasion when i am able to travel to the famous Israeli, all-natural, all-wonderful supermarket - Eden Teva.  A recently new name to the food market chain, Eden Teva is making a name for itself. With 13 different locations and growing, the supermarket size health store offers a variety of products including organic produce, vitamins, food bars, coffee bar, plants, bakery, and kitchenware. It is a combination of the trendy New York food store, the country kiosk and the market in Tel Aviv. The store is organized, well designed and CLEAN. Prices are a little high comparing to Israeli standards, especially the organic produce, but it's all local and for a good cause (if that makes you feel better!). The website is in Hebrew only but you can find directions in English using the Happy Cow Healthy Eating GuideHere are a few highlights of my walk through Eden Teva earlier today.
[Eden Teva]

[a shopping pleasure - i'll be back]         

a little reminder for Purim

Monday morning and the last day of Purim. This has been the first year of preschool for my 3 year old and I feel the flow of the holidays much more. Being a secular Jew loving tradition, it is easy to follow Jewish tradition living in Israel. My children can take part in the fun and excitement of the holidays and simultaneously learn their history.

Before each Jewish holiday preschool children are prepared at least a week in advance. They read stories, act out plays, give gifts to the poor, learn songs, and all things related to the holiday. Instead of "it's a holiday!" the children are asked the question and given the answer to, "why is this a holiday?". For one week now, my son has come home with something new to tell me or show me about Purim. Last Friday he came home with the story of Esther written on a 'scroll'.  He explained to me how the Jews were saved from Haman.

What is fascinating is that he carries the scroll with him now every-time we leave the house. His life has suddenly been connected to thousands of years of generations. I was reminded of a passage from the book of Esther when Mordecai says to her, " ... and who knows but that you were brought to royal estate for such a time as this?" (Esther 4:14)

This passage is the essence of Purim. I was reading through a book of mine that explains it perfectly, "no Jew can ever be written off, that a spark exists that may at some point be ignited, that a commitment to the Jewish people can be as deeply felt by one who is at the very periphery of the community as by one who is at its center." (How to Run A Traditional Jewish Household)

Our family celebrated Purim this year in every possible way. We watched the local parade, ate, ate and ate goodies given by friends and family, gave to the poor, dressed up, painted our faces, played in all the venues for kids but this year was a little different - Esther's scroll came every time! Childhood is a gift to witness! 

[the scroll]

[the parade]


around childhood

"youth is such a wonderful thing, what a shame to waste it on childhood" George Bernard Shaw

toes in the sea

The challenge - be out of the house early and take the boys to the zoo. The challenged - a mom and 2 boys out of the house early and in a car that won't start! damn battery! The new challenge - unpack the car, load up the buggy and it the road anyways. In the end - a rare winters day on the beach! aaahhh life.


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