Thursday, April 28, 2011

Handmade Israel

I am inspired everyday by the local talent and creativity. I would like to include their work - the local artists, designers, photographers, and all things hand-made in Israel - into my blog. I want to connect reader's to the people of Israel, the places they go and the work they do. Personal bio's will be included if possible and any photo's posted in my blog will be linked to the original artist, website or online shop. 

I've often been asked from friends traveling to and from Israel where to buy gifts ... and the best items are actually sold online and delivered right to your doorstep directly from Israel. It's so easy and the extra charges for delivery are so small. It's so worth checking it out for yourself! I recommend Etsy and search Israel.

Here are a few of my finds today. All local designers and hand-made in Israel.

If you would like to post your work on this blog or you know someone that would be interested, please contact me anytime, click here

[Click on the link below each photo and connect to the designer]

Petek Design | Tel Aviv, Israel
I am now working on a individual post for Petek Design by Efrat Elie | coming soon! 
No Wonder | Tel Aviv, Israel
Rafya | Pardes Hana, Israel
Rafya | Pardes Hana, Israel
Ruchla | Zichron Yaakov, Israel
Love Letters by Dina | Caesarea, Israel
No Wonder | Tel Aviv, Israel

Galit Barak | Tel Aviv, Israel

[Hope you loved it! Many more to come]

my mother-in-law and looking back over Passover

My mother-in-law is an amazing woman that has guided me through tradition gracefully. She loves nothing more than family walking through her front door, filling her home and heart. She allowed me photographs before the holiday and I told her that I would wait for the holiday to finish to post them.

[my mother-in-law preparing our Passover meal]
[meat preparation] 


[traditional dishes waiting to be served ... oooh i do wish i could send you the smell!]

[the candles are lit, 1 for each person in her immediate family]

[the table is set]

 [Thank you for a wonderful meal, holiday and a kind heart ... all my love]

a little more to look back on ...

else where in the city, Passover preparation well under-way

[stores cover everthing not kosher for Passover]

 [unleavened bread sells in the bakery]

[flowers sold on every street corner]

[it is tradition to burn any left over bread before Passover begins]

 [burning our bread slices at the beach]

[others doing the same]

[Dear 'Matzah', i can now tell you, you will never be a cracker and in the garbage you go!]

Passover 2011 has passed over and bread is rising in every home. 

Thank you Oshrit for your photos too! love!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011



hot chocolate. apple juice popsicles. glow in the dark pj’s. little things inside boxes. opening and closing cupboards and drawers. rain. blackberries. swings at the park. waffles. blueberries. fish and chips. ferry rides and suitcases. stories and train rides. smelling flowers and searching for bugs. seals and seagulls. seashells and sandcastles. magnets. toy boxes. lion costumes and toy story. bathes and balls. hide and seek. back yard water-slides. chocolate chips and cookies. pillow fights. spoons. to infinity and beyond. cloud watching and sunny days. soothers. cozy big beds. movies. suckers. popcorn. crayons and bubbles. juice boxes and nachos. FUN. piggy back rides. adventures. goldielocks and the three bears. animals. petting zoo. donuts and ice cream cones. macaroni. car rides. play-doe. LAUGH. sandals. tents and tea parties. drums and pianos. music and the cd player. maple leaf. maple syrup. roast beef bbq chicken. under the sea. chedder cheese. arts and crafts. card games. first steps. birthday cakes. hopscotch. model airplanes and lawn chairs. fingers through hair. PLAY. parks and libraries. grocery stores and shopping. lego. rocks. rain boots and umbrellas. chalk. stars. funny sunglasses. skating. snow fights. wild flowers. robots. washing dishes. vacuum cleaner. stairs. laundry. pockets. HUGS. KISSES. LOVE in every moment. our Safta

love us

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fishing Park | Dag Bakfar

Some days are just memorable. My sister-in-law arranged a BBQ at Israel's Fish Park over the Passover holiday. It was an absolute blast for a family outing and kids ruled the scene! The park's amenities include a friendly fish pool for kids, petting zoo, water slide, inflatable jungle gym, large fish pond for adults, shaded picnic tables, playground and the option to cook what you catch (for an additional charge)! All in all, a family destination for a fun-filled catch! 

For more information in English about the Fish Park - Dag Bakfar, click here   

[More photo's are located in the 'flickr box' located on the right side of this blog] 

fish waiting for the grill

let's go to the water-slide!

fish pool

petting zoo

kid's fish pool
quick! put it back!

large fish lake

we chose meat on the grill!

and wine
and coffee
and dessert!
and laughs

and naps
see you again soon!


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