Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Memorial Day | Israel

Memorial Day  

A total of 22, 867 soldiers have fallen in battle or died during service over the course of Israel's history (63 years). Over the past year 183 soldiers joined that list. Currently, 4,999 women living in Israel have lost a husband to war, according to the Defense Minister. There are 2,543 Israeli children who lost a parent in service and 3,252 couples and 4,315 individual parents who have lost a child.

In total, 18,361 people are currently defined as bereaved relatives of the first degree, a number which does not include the siblings of fallen soldiers.

Memorial Day also commemorates civilians murdered by terrorists. A total of 2,443 Israeli civilians have been murdered by terrorists since 1950; 13 were killed over the course of the past year.

to you, whom i love
i cannot seperate you from this land
although I may survive with one
I pray to G-d
with both.

[Honoring Soldiers that have lost their lives for Israel]

watching the Ceremony
background - hundreds stand beside their loved ones grave 

From sunset to sunset, Memorial Day is the official day that we honor our fallen soldiers.  On sunset the second day,  we celebrate our country's Independence and the lives that give us our freedom. 

[The statistics provided in this post were taken from Israel National News]

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