Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Dentist

I always book my dentist appointments when I'm in Canada, for no other reason than routine. If there is one pain I enjoy, it's teeth cleaning. The entire trip satisfies me really, the sterile white office, the comfortable big chair, the soft tunes of the 90's, the free toothbrush and accessory bag in the end and of course my clean white teeth.

This year, however, we will not be in Canada and I took my first trip to the dentist here in Israel. Next time, I'll wait!  Why am I still shocked to enter a medical office in a bomb shelter, why! Upon being called into the office, I had to twist and contort my body around the exceptionally awkward 'excavator' type chair just to sit down. The dental hygienist then placed a seemingly small tissue on my upper chest, attached the suction tool to my tongue and placed the water spritzer tool under that. She began cleaning, drilling, torturing and while my tongue was being suctioned off, my face was being drenched from the spraying water.

If that was not unfortunate enough, I brought in my two little boys. I didn't want to bother getting a babysitter for just one hour and didn't think it was an issue. The entire "cleaning" process took about 30 minutes and they didn't move, not even a flinch. My boys sat there in utter disbelief, with their mouths closed! The usual unanswerable questions popped up in Hebrew as well, "do you floss, how often do you brush, how is your life...." and of course with blood dripping, water spraying, suction moving, I was unable to answer even "huuu haaa" but she kept on asking! Finally, I was able to spit and when I looked over at my boys, I said, "see, that didn't hurt a bit!" The next day my eldest managed to remind me that he never wanted to be or see a dentist in his life! Oh dear.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our New Neighbors ::

We have new neighbors, in our backyard that is. A whale and a fish are new additions to our little neighborhood and the kids just love them. Created by Raphael Assraf, a kibbutz resident on the Galilee and a landscape designer by profession. Raphael is known for his clay sculptures, theatre masks, giant puppets and oil paintings. He works with children across the country. 

Thank you for our wonderful new friends!

For more information about Raphael Assraf and his work, please visit his website by clicking Here

Preparing for Back to School

Made in Israel and I just love it!

Tel Aviv Map Wallet | Designed by Efratul
Haifa Map Wallet | Designed by Efratul

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Thought Before Immigrating to Israel :: a post from my notebook

I always carry my Prayer for Travelers. My own prayer to travel is wrapped around every letter. My red over-sized suitcase get packed and unpacked and when will it fly? I heard Hebrew in the terminal today and I dropped everything to follow, only my swivel chair welded to the floor held me back. This timeless terminal, where my day is your night and silence could mean disappointment or a goodnight's sleep. I go through the motions, "Good afternoon ladies and gentleman, Harbour Air flight 204 to downtown Vancouver is now ready for boarding. Could ALL passengers ...." and I proceed in auto-pilot and  gasp for air. I breath better in Israel. Passengers check-in and I wait to check-out. I haven't been the same since I left you.

Source: etsy.com via Rachel on Pinterest

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Dream Home :: Israel

I love interior design - i always have. I used to have a pile of plastic boxes filled with magazine cut-outs of rooms, paint colors, spaces and places I loved, and all fashion and home related articles. If only I had Pinterest back then to store everything on, I would still have my collection today. Over the years my many boxes shrunk to one and now none and I'm beginning to re-collect online, as a sort of hobby.

I came across a home recently in Israel that seemed to pop right out of my dreams and it's close to perfect. Spacious for little boys, simple, clutter free, designed wonderfully and LIGHT!

Location: Yad Hanna (a kibbutz just north of Tel Aviv)
Owners: "Messy" married couple with 2 young children
Design: by IM Design
Home: 190 m²

Welome Home ::

Source: bvd.co.il via Genny on Pinterest
Source: bvd.co.il via Genny on Pinterest

Source: bvd.co.il via Genny on Pinterest
Source: bvd.co.il via Genny on Pinterest

I found these photos and article from a great Israeli design site called bvd

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Yarn Shop in Ra'anana Israel

Source: flickr.com via Genny on Pinterest

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

just for keepers

Hartzi, age 1 1/2 ...
Favorite youtube is ...

Yonatan, 3 1/2 ...
Favorite youtube is ...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

In honor of our wedding anniversary this week - a few photos from our special day.

Kala | wedding hall
we meet for the first time
our Chuppa outside
putting the veil over my face

after our vows

Reception Hall before our guests arrive

"I can conquer anything 
with one hand
as long as you are
holding the other"

Happy Anniversary

Friday, August 12, 2011

Eilat, Israel

We recently spent four days in Eilat, located in the Negev Desert of Southern Israel on the Red Sea. It's home to over 45,000 people and during the summer months the population more than doubles.  It is a popular vacation destination for Israeli's and tourists all year around. We try to take the boys at least once a year. There is an airport in Eilat with regular flights but we always prefer to drive and enjoy having the car once we arrive.

The city is host to beautiful public beaches, nature and marine reserves, a dolphin reef, parks, scuba diving, water sports, shopping, street entertainment, numerous hotels and restaurants, an exciting nightlife, skydiving, jeep or camel treks and for a little get-away this little city seems endless. We always leave wanting more and always come home satisfied.

[ A few photos from our trip ]

 we enter the Negev Desert on our drive to Eilat
our stop-over on the drive to Eilat included camels and animals
with a muzzle and awful noises Yonatan didn't want to get too close!
The charge to ride this snarly stinky animal was 50nis!
Ok -  perhaps the novelty has worn off a bit for us:)
Hartzi stayed even further away from the Camel:)
relaxation or not?
they thought it was a dinosaur at first!
quite beautiful actually

[ we arrive to Eilat ]

finally the Eilat Airport
Hotels in sight and an oasis in the desert
in town
our Hotel in the distance, The Hilton Queen Sheba
Yonatan's reaction to our arrival! Yessshhh!
Hilton Hotel
our hotel is just seconds from shopping and beaches

[ The Hilton Pool ]

after check-in it was straight to the pool

[ shows and events were held every night ]

Tal Mosseri | Singing and dancing for kids

[ Night along the beach promenade ]

artists in uniform
novelty seekers or just crazy people inside this ball that gets tossed up into the sky!
street shopping at night was still going strong at 12:45am
everything and religion on the streets

[ out and about the next day ]

[ our trip through Ice Space ]

they provide the gear:)

even socks
getting ready for -7 inside

-7 inside and 40 degrees outside

Polar Bear Ice Sculpture
 a display inside the ice
Canada here I come:)

[ it was so hot we took the boys swimming at night ]

little restaurant on the beach
the water was so warm

For more information about the Dolphin Reef in Eilat please click Here

[ our last bite to eat before our trip home ]

bye bye 

[ bye bye Eilat and see you soon ]


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