Monday, April 4, 2011

'Shop for Meaning'

'Shop for Meaning'

While visiting the old city of Akko yesterday, a certain shop caught my attention - the 'Shop for Meaning' has meaning. A center for professional apprenticeship in the fields of sales and trade for young adults with, special needs, sensory and/or motor. Towards the end of their apprenticeship the participants will receive assistance in finding employment. 
All products sold in the shop carry a social and environmental message and all products are handmade.

A rare find and a shopping pleasure. A wonderful place to buy and give back to Israel.

For more information contact Caroline Mercer at 04 991 8211 or

Please note: "Shop for Meaning' is currently re-constructing their website and will be back soon. I was given permission to post the above information and take photographs. The 'Shop for Meaning' is a joint project of kivunim and the Institute for National Insurance Israel.

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