Monday, March 28, 2011

Israeli Markets | Eden Teva

It's a special occasion when i am able to travel to the famous Israeli, all-natural, all-wonderful supermarket - Eden Teva.  A recently new name to the food market chain, Eden Teva is making a name for itself. With 13 different locations and growing, the supermarket size health store offers a variety of products including organic produce, vitamins, food bars, coffee bar, plants, bakery, and kitchenware. It is a combination of the trendy New York food store, the country kiosk and the market in Tel Aviv. The store is organized, well designed and CLEAN. Prices are a little high comparing to Israeli standards, especially the organic produce, but it's all local and for a good cause (if that makes you feel better!). The website is in Hebrew only but you can find directions in English using the Happy Cow Healthy Eating GuideHere are a few highlights of my walk through Eden Teva earlier today.
[Eden Teva]

[a shopping pleasure - i'll be back]         

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