Tuesday, May 17, 2011

our neigborhood | Shabbat

Every so often we spend our Shabbat (Saturday) at home. In this instance I usually devise a plan that revolves around a good nap... for me. It's not easy keeping my one and a half year old awake until the late afternoon. I suppose my last thoughts before I lose my sanity are, yes, I can do it and I always do! My plan this time was a little wander through the closed neighborhood to burn off some energy. We noticed some things that we never did before and drank hot-chocolate for the first time in a long time. In the end, I napped.

closed pizza store
not even a cat!
i never even noticed the local coffee shop tables and pass by almost daily!
a kid with a plan!
during the weekdays every chair is occupied All day ... it's a very busy ice cream shop

empty side streets look so bare

Yes, Death is Dangerous! 
mmmm, hot chocolate at 'Aroma'
"is that CHOCOLATE?!"
Aroma -  24/7
little man syndrome!
what a blast!

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