Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rafya by Alona Lahav | Handmade Israel

Rafya | Ethnic ring
When it comes to shopping, I am an avid window shopper! I actually enjoy browsing more than purchasing and my indecisiveness to buy drives my friends crazy; However, every so often, I find a treasure and that is what I found in Rafya. I would purchase, without hesitation, anything designed by the talented Alona Lahav, the designer behind Rafya.

Alona has been creating every since she can remember. Most of her inspiration comes from textures she finds in the environment, even from the 'soles of shoes'. She is a true artist, "my jewelry is a work of art in my opinion. I feel that if I do not like any item, I must restart".

For myself, the Rafya collection combines today's influences with the ancient and leaves a lasting impression.

Alona Lahav is a memeber of the Israel Artisits Team (ISART). She lives and designs in Pardes Hana, Israel.

[please click on the title below each photo to view the original by Alona Lahav]
Rafya | Earrings
Rafya | Clay Necklace
Rafya | Almond leaf earrings
Rafya | free bee necklace
Rafya | Pomegranate necklace
Rafya | Star of David necklace
Rafya | Colorful magnets
All of the collection can personalized if you prefer certain colors or designs and can be shipped International. All items come wrapped in a gift box!

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[More to come from Handmade Israel!]


Alona Lahav said...

Hi Genny,
many many thanks for featuring my shop in you blog, I am honored !

genny said...

Thank you Alona! I tell you, it was difficult picking the photos ... i loved every piece!


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