Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The things i thought i'd never do

Warning: if you do not have kids, don't read this!

In no particular order ...

1. eat the cookie crumbs off the floor
2. stuff my face with left over food from the high-chair tray
3. lick my finger and clean my boy's dirty face
4. wipe snot away with my finger and wipe in on my jeans
5. let my child pee in public
6. sleep in pee (little boy's night accident)
7. sleep in my work clothes
8. ice-cream on the couch for five minutes of peace
9. bribe my children
10. wear two different socks
11. have a poop conversation
12. use my buggy as a weapon - get out of my way!
13. drink water from a baby bottle
14. let my child crawl his way through Ikea when all else fails
15. forget what day it is
16. cry during commercials
17. leave the house in my slippers .. WTF!
18. hide the last beer for me
19. wear items of clothing with remnants of food, spit up or mystery smudges
20. get excited over sleep
21. agree to agree
22. write a silly little list called "the things i thought i'd never do" at 2am in the morning!

... To be continued! Leave a comment and send me yours ...  you can remain annoynamous!

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