Sunday, May 15, 2011

Viviane Nathan Photography | Handmade Israel

Viviane Nathan
Viviane Nathan was born in Uruguay, grew up in Switzerland and Panama and now lives in Israel. She writes, "I think the camera is a powerful tool that enables me to share my visions with the rest of the world. My inspiration comes from human beings and their interactions with each other, from nature and the world we inhabit". 

I have followed Viviane's work as she travels through Israel and I love how she is able to capture those moments and places that I would just pass by. It's those familiar places that is truly home and she captures it to be remembered.  

[please click on the title below each photography to view the original by Viviane Nathan]
Viviane Nathan Photography | Ben Yehuda st. Jerusalem
Viviane Nathan Photography | Nachlaot, Jerusalem
Viviane Nathan Photography | old city, Jerusalem
Viviane Nathan Photography | door in Neveh Tzedek, Tel Aviv
Viviane Nathan Photography | blue shutters in Jerusalem
Viviane Nathan Photography | Western Wall, Jerusalem
Viviane Nathan Photography | the market in Jerusalem before it opens
Viviane Nathan Photography | Haifa beach

Browsing through her online shop I enjoyed not only her images but reading the stories of why and where she took each photograph. 

To view Viviane Nathan's full collection visit her personal website at 

Viviane Nathan's Photography can also be viewed and purchased online at (click each link below):

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[I hope you enjoy her collection as much as I do!]

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