Thursday, August 11, 2011

Orchid Hotel, Eilat Israel

Orchid Hotel | rooftops 
A vacation with two little boys, it's very important to chose the right hotel. The one with the water-slide, jungle gym and kiddies pool is usually our first pick. This trip to Eilat we spent two nights at the Queen Sheba Hilton  hotel. A popular choice and centrally located, we enjoyed the pool and the evening shows. The last two nights we were connected with a room at the Orchid Hotel Eilat and we decided to switch for a change. I'm so glad we did!

I had the most relaxing time just drinking a beer on the balcony of our private hut and looking out over the Red Sea. From the moment in the lobby observing the indoor fish pond to taking a golf car ride to our outdoor hut and then swimming with the boys at night, we had a real vacation at this Far Eastern style hotel. For us, it suited perfectly. Here are a few photos from our trip and a few more I found to enjoy.

Orchid Hotel | staircase to rooms which are all outdoor huts
Orchid Hotel | pool and dining-room in the background
the upper loft in our room
Night-time table tennis | Yonatan is on the left and he played awesome!
he is getting so big!

[a few more pictures]
Orchid Hotel | fish pond
Orchid Hotel from a distance
If you would like any more information about the Orchid Hotel you can contact me or visit the website in English and Hebrew - click Here

More to come on our trip from Eilat:)

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