Wednesday, August 3, 2011

freedom flies

The beginning of August and mid-way through summer. It's hot, dreadfully and wonderfully hot. We are on vacation and recently the days are beginning to blend. I am trying to keep my little boys busy enough  and yet not too busy so they are asleep in their beds at nap time and bed time.

I was home-schooled until the age of 13. My Mom educated the four of us at home until we decided individually that we wanted to begin public school. For my parents, home education wasn't a fade from their hippy days, rather they strived for stronger education values and at the same time did not want to hinder us if we chose a more social dwelling in a public environment. I remember when our studies came to an end each afternoon my Mom would let us run around the house crazy to get rid of our sitting legs - she ran with us too. We had an imagination carpet to tell stories and created a theatre to perform. We studied based on our strengths and we played even stronger.

My sister's rabbit, Bonnie, was a wonderful pet and the wooden fort my Dad built was my mansion in the backyard. We had a veggie garden, dirt that made clay dishes, a swing, and we always seemed to have a wonderful next door neighbor and an awful one. They both fed our imaginations.  It was the geese that horrified us the most when we got stuck in muddy water and between our driveways end and the blackberry bushes we lived out our childhood.  I promised to play another game of "lions" with my brother but then suddenly we grew up!

All of this came up over coffee with myself this morning and I was inspired. As a parent my days are blending but for my boys it's just the beginning of their own wonder and existence. Perhaps just to be at home is all that is required to enjoy the little things and little ones.

All of my precious memories and days spent with my boys are only mine now - I realized -  they will have their very own. Oh I pray for a little wisdom to guide them each in their own way. Today they decided to fly a kite and it was very fitting for me:)

Yonatan, almost 4

Har-Tzion (Hartzi), almost 2

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