Friday, August 12, 2011

Eilat, Israel

We recently spent four days in Eilat, located in the Negev Desert of Southern Israel on the Red Sea. It's home to over 45,000 people and during the summer months the population more than doubles.  It is a popular vacation destination for Israeli's and tourists all year around. We try to take the boys at least once a year. There is an airport in Eilat with regular flights but we always prefer to drive and enjoy having the car once we arrive.

The city is host to beautiful public beaches, nature and marine reserves, a dolphin reef, parks, scuba diving, water sports, shopping, street entertainment, numerous hotels and restaurants, an exciting nightlife, skydiving, jeep or camel treks and for a little get-away this little city seems endless. We always leave wanting more and always come home satisfied.

[ A few photos from our trip ]

 we enter the Negev Desert on our drive to Eilat
our stop-over on the drive to Eilat included camels and animals
with a muzzle and awful noises Yonatan didn't want to get too close!
The charge to ride this snarly stinky animal was 50nis!
Ok -  perhaps the novelty has worn off a bit for us:)
Hartzi stayed even further away from the Camel:)
relaxation or not?
they thought it was a dinosaur at first!
quite beautiful actually

[ we arrive to Eilat ]

finally the Eilat Airport
Hotels in sight and an oasis in the desert
in town
our Hotel in the distance, The Hilton Queen Sheba
Yonatan's reaction to our arrival! Yessshhh!
Hilton Hotel
our hotel is just seconds from shopping and beaches

[ The Hilton Pool ]

after check-in it was straight to the pool

[ shows and events were held every night ]

Tal Mosseri | Singing and dancing for kids

[ Night along the beach promenade ]

artists in uniform
novelty seekers or just crazy people inside this ball that gets tossed up into the sky!
street shopping at night was still going strong at 12:45am
everything and religion on the streets

[ out and about the next day ]

[ our trip through Ice Space ]

they provide the gear:)

even socks
getting ready for -7 inside

-7 inside and 40 degrees outside

Polar Bear Ice Sculpture
 a display inside the ice
Canada here I come:)

[ it was so hot we took the boys swimming at night ]

little restaurant on the beach
the water was so warm

For more information about the Dolphin Reef in Eilat please click Here

[ our last bite to eat before our trip home ]

bye bye 

[ bye bye Eilat and see you soon ]


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