Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Thought Before Immigrating to Israel :: a post from my notebook

I always carry my Prayer for Travelers. My own prayer to travel is wrapped around every letter. My red over-sized suitcase get packed and unpacked and when will it fly? I heard Hebrew in the terminal today and I dropped everything to follow, only my swivel chair welded to the floor held me back. This timeless terminal, where my day is your night and silence could mean disappointment or a goodnight's sleep. I go through the motions, "Good afternoon ladies and gentleman, Harbour Air flight 204 to downtown Vancouver is now ready for boarding. Could ALL passengers ...." and I proceed in auto-pilot and  gasp for air. I breath better in Israel. Passengers check-in and I wait to check-out. I haven't been the same since I left you.

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

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