Tuesday, May 17, 2011

life is like a pair of converse all-star shoes

I had thoughts of getting older, but it never bother me until my birthday. What came over me, to this day I have no idea, but I locked myself in the closet and cried my sorrows away, I was 13.

I know what your thinking, I must be a disaster now, right! Well, that was 17 years ago and the truth is, I've never looked back, until today. An uneventful trip to our family doctor this morning for a vitamin supplement turned nostalgic. I anticipated something when the doctor eyed me tip to toe, "i see you're are 30? it's time for a full check-up".  Suddenly, my face felt dry and wrinkled and that pain in my back began to proliferate! Of all people, Joseph Pilates (invented Pilates) came to mind, "you're only as old as your spine", or something like that.

Sorry to all my friends that I've been comforting lately during their depressing thoughts about getting older, including my husband who every day tries to find a grey hair! I have no idea why! I REALLY do believe that age has absolutely nothing to do with ANYTHING of importance, but today, the world got the better of me.

Thank goodness apartments in Israel don't have closets and my wardrobe is just a little too packed! I did find my  converse 'all-star' shoes in there though and it occurred to me .... life is like a pair of 'all-star' shoes, the older they get, the better;)

Israeli Markets | Akko (Acre)

Akko is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Israel. Located on the Mediterranean Sea just north of Haifa, it is a rare blend of East and West and a unique meeting place of art and religion. Akko is one of the most important cities of the ancient world - it's fortresses, citadels, churches and mosques reveil it's history. A wonderful tourist destination, Akko is certainly one of the most special places in Israel and in the world.

Today, Akko is home to over 50,000 people - Jews, Muslims and Christians. Just beyond the "old city" walls a modern city thrives with museums, beaches, restaurants, hotels and life in the fast lane as usual. Currently under construction, the largest Mall in the north of Israel is being built near to Akko's city center.

Here are a few pictures of our trip through the Market in the old city of Akko.

an entrance gate to the Old City of Akko
"California" ... a little west-coast in the old city!
the famous falafel
Falafel stop in Akko
seafood on sale
just caught
material shop in the old city
the hooka,  known in Israel as "Nargila"
a collectors item?
not sure if i would touch that!

[from coffee to cutlery and some unidentifiable things, you can find it all at the Akko Market]

where Humas is born
sugar cane
outdoor market path
spice shop
fishing shop
Akko, old city residence
The Clock tower of "Khan al umdan" constructed during the Ottoman period

[find time next time you visit and you will love it]

our neigborhood | Shabbat

Every so often we spend our Shabbat (Saturday) at home. In this instance I usually devise a plan that revolves around a good nap... for me. It's not easy keeping my one and a half year old awake until the late afternoon. I suppose my last thoughts before I lose my sanity are, yes, I can do it and I always do! My plan this time was a little wander through the closed neighborhood to burn off some energy. We noticed some things that we never did before and drank hot-chocolate for the first time in a long time. In the end, I napped.

closed pizza store
not even a cat!
i never even noticed the local coffee shop tables and pass by almost daily!
a kid with a plan!
during the weekdays every chair is occupied All day ... it's a very busy ice cream shop

empty side streets look so bare

Yes, Death is Dangerous! 
mmmm, hot chocolate at 'Aroma'
"is that CHOCOLATE?!"
Aroma -  24/7
little man syndrome!
what a blast!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Viviane Nathan Photography | Handmade Israel

Viviane Nathan
Viviane Nathan was born in Uruguay, grew up in Switzerland and Panama and now lives in Israel. She writes, "I think the camera is a powerful tool that enables me to share my visions with the rest of the world. My inspiration comes from human beings and their interactions with each other, from nature and the world we inhabit". 

I have followed Viviane's work as she travels through Israel and I love how she is able to capture those moments and places that I would just pass by. It's those familiar places that is truly home and she captures it to be remembered.  

[please click on the title below each photography to view the original by Viviane Nathan]
Viviane Nathan Photography | Ben Yehuda st. Jerusalem
Viviane Nathan Photography | Nachlaot, Jerusalem
Viviane Nathan Photography | old city, Jerusalem
Viviane Nathan Photography | door in Neveh Tzedek, Tel Aviv
Viviane Nathan Photography | blue shutters in Jerusalem
Viviane Nathan Photography | Western Wall, Jerusalem
Viviane Nathan Photography | the market in Jerusalem before it opens
Viviane Nathan Photography | Haifa beach

Browsing through her online shop I enjoyed not only her images but reading the stories of why and where she took each photograph. 

To view Viviane Nathan's full collection visit her personal website at 

Viviane Nathan's Photography can also be viewed and purchased online at (click each link below):

Viviane Nathan is on facebook too!
Contact her personally

[I hope you enjoy her collection as much as I do!]


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