Friday, April 1, 2011

the old and the blooming | Gamla

Gamla. It is easy to travel back 2,000 years and descend directly into the ruins of this ancient city. From 87BCE to 68 CE, Gamla was a vibrant Jewish city but fell during the Roman invasion. Gamla - so named because the hill it rest on resembles the hump of a "gamel" which is camel in Hebrew.  
We took the boys hiking a few weekends ago to Gamla and while we were captivated by the ancient city, they were captivated by the spring flowers blooming. I suppose Gamla isn't much now ... in the eyes of a child "a bunch of rocks". The flowers were indeed amazing - i might not have noticed.
[coffee - forgot cups]
For more information, prices and hours in English or Hebrew please see Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve

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leah said...

you just taught me something about my home land that i never knew...
Thank you


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