Monday, April 18, 2011

the last hours before Passover | things you can do in one minute (or less)

I love boxes and notebooks and getting the most out of my day. While reading through, Small Notebook for a Simple Home, I found a cute post, 31 things you can do in one minute (or less). The last hours before Passover in Israel are critical and I thought I would share this list. It should take one minute if you have a spare one today!

1. put an item on a hanger
2. turn on upbeat music
3. wipe crumbs off the table
4. take something to another room where it goes
5. reply to an email (one email, don’t get lost in your email inbox)
6. water a plant
7. file a paper
8. empty a trash can
9. check the toilet paper supply
10. wipe spots off a mirror
11. bring empty glasses back to the kitchen
12. put your plate in the dishwasher
13. start the dishwasher
14. cut a loose string off your clothing
15. swish a brush around the toilet bowl
16. hang the towels up off the floor
17. shake out the welcome mat
18. sweep the entryway to your home
19. check your calendar
20. toss the junk mail
21. put your bag by the door so it’s ready to go
22. toss old vegetables from the fridge
23. stack magazines and remove the old ones
24. throw dirty clothes in the laundry basket
25. rinse off the soap dish
26. add a couple things to your grocery list
27. plug in your cell phone to charge it
28. take receipts out of your wallet
29. close drawers and cabinet doors
30. put your shoes away
31. give someone a hug

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