Sunday, April 10, 2011

Attraction | The Monkey Forest

I love wonderful little adventures. This Saturday we took the boys to The Monkey Forest in Misgav, Israel, which is North-East from Akko. I didn't expect to find a mini wild-life reserve. Filled with friendly squirrel monkeys my boys were pleasantly shocked. Holding the plastic spoon and cup filled with worms the park provided, we lured the moneys close enough to jump on our shoulder. Wow!

The forest is also home to many birds, lambs, lamas, donkeys, a raccoon and a few baboons. There is a little snack bar, picnic benches and a child's playground. The Monkey Forest is a must visit for families. We had a blast.

For more information, hours and directions click here

Photos from our little adventure this Saturday.
 [the farm animals are just at home!]

[see you later!]

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