Friday, April 22, 2011

Hike | Nachal Jilaboon

My favorite trail this season! 

The 'Jilaboon' is apart of a nature reserve located in the North of Israel. We took the shorter route which was about 3km and found ourselves under waterfalls, inside the remains of a Syrian army base and through a natural cold water spring. The trail's difficulty is considered to be medium,  (perhaps more difficult with young kids!) but a well marked path and shade most of the way, make it very popular for all ages. The Jilaboon trial is well used by tour groups and youth camps all year round. 

Our trip began well along a smooth dirt path, until then we hit a mixture of mud and manure from cows that seemly enjoyed the trail only hours earlier! My eldest son hates to be dirty - such a boy exists - so it was hilarious! Thankfully, we reached the water spring, he washed his feet to satisfaction and it ended well! 

I would highly recommend this trip from the age 6 and up, youth and adults especially. If you are adventureous it can be absolutely wonderul with young kids but know that the trial includes walking through a slippery stream and an upward trail for about 10 meters. My husband carried our 1 and 1/2 year old most of the way and our 3 year old made it just holding my hand. A child's back-carrier would be a good solution as well.  

The offical website, Teva | Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel' has one page in English with a contact available at the top. For more information and directions please click here and contact the park directly. As well, you can leave a comment for me with any questions and I will reply.

For more information in Hebrew click here

The photos from our little trip ...

[click on any photo to view it larger]

4x4 Trail

foot trail

true nature | fallen wild coyote
Trail Sign
Trail marker
piggy-back portion of the trail

Waterfall | half way to the top

Youth Camp coming down from the Jilaboon Spring
eeek! no worries though - trails are well marked and danger fenced off
View from the top
Youth Camp descending
another Youth Camp resting at the top | busy day!
Cows resting at an old Syrian army base
this explains the cow manure piled up on our trail!

this is my rock and i'm not moving!

fishing without a chance

wild, fresh mint growing next to the trail
a bunch for home | mint in our tea

[join us next time!]

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