Thursday, April 28, 2011

Handmade Israel

I am inspired everyday by the local talent and creativity. I would like to include their work - the local artists, designers, photographers, and all things hand-made in Israel - into my blog. I want to connect reader's to the people of Israel, the places they go and the work they do. Personal bio's will be included if possible and any photo's posted in my blog will be linked to the original artist, website or online shop. 

I've often been asked from friends traveling to and from Israel where to buy gifts ... and the best items are actually sold online and delivered right to your doorstep directly from Israel. It's so easy and the extra charges for delivery are so small. It's so worth checking it out for yourself! I recommend Etsy and search Israel.

Here are a few of my finds today. All local designers and hand-made in Israel.

If you would like to post your work on this blog or you know someone that would be interested, please contact me anytime, click here

[Click on the link below each photo and connect to the designer]

Petek Design | Tel Aviv, Israel
I am now working on a individual post for Petek Design by Efrat Elie | coming soon! 
No Wonder | Tel Aviv, Israel
Rafya | Pardes Hana, Israel
Rafya | Pardes Hana, Israel
Ruchla | Zichron Yaakov, Israel
Love Letters by Dina | Caesarea, Israel
No Wonder | Tel Aviv, Israel

Galit Barak | Tel Aviv, Israel

[Hope you loved it! Many more to come]

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