Friday, April 22, 2011

Fishing Park | Dag Bakfar

Some days are just memorable. My sister-in-law arranged a BBQ at Israel's Fish Park over the Passover holiday. It was an absolute blast for a family outing and kids ruled the scene! The park's amenities include a friendly fish pool for kids, petting zoo, water slide, inflatable jungle gym, large fish pond for adults, shaded picnic tables, playground and the option to cook what you catch (for an additional charge)! All in all, a family destination for a fun-filled catch! 

For more information in English about the Fish Park - Dag Bakfar, click here   

[More photo's are located in the 'flickr box' located on the right side of this blog] 

fish waiting for the grill

let's go to the water-slide!

fish pool

petting zoo

kid's fish pool
quick! put it back!

large fish lake

we chose meat on the grill!

and wine
and coffee
and dessert!
and laughs

and naps
see you again soon!


leah said...

How fun! I wish we could be there!!!
Preach kasher vesameach!!
Love and miss you guys

genny said...

we miss you too!


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