Thursday, April 28, 2011

my mother-in-law and looking back over Passover

My mother-in-law is an amazing woman that has guided me through tradition gracefully. She loves nothing more than family walking through her front door, filling her home and heart. She allowed me photographs before the holiday and I told her that I would wait for the holiday to finish to post them.

[my mother-in-law preparing our Passover meal]
[meat preparation] 


[traditional dishes waiting to be served ... oooh i do wish i could send you the smell!]

[the candles are lit, 1 for each person in her immediate family]

[the table is set]

 [Thank you for a wonderful meal, holiday and a kind heart ... all my love]

a little more to look back on ...

else where in the city, Passover preparation well under-way

[stores cover everthing not kosher for Passover]

 [unleavened bread sells in the bakery]

[flowers sold on every street corner]

[it is tradition to burn any left over bread before Passover begins]

 [burning our bread slices at the beach]

[others doing the same]

[Dear 'Matzah', i can now tell you, you will never be a cracker and in the garbage you go!]

Passover 2011 has passed over and bread is rising in every home. 

Thank you Oshrit for your photos too! love!!

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